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A Mousetrap for Mold Toxins

I almost jumped out of the shower when I saw it.

In the corner, behind the shampoos, along the tile — black spots of mold, shooting out toxic spores into the air.

Suddenly it all made sense. I’d been experiencing headaches for a few weeks, and I normally never get headaches. My nose and sinuses were also stuffed up. It was the mold that was causing it, and I had to do something about it immediately.


I rushed out of the house and straight to the drug store. I got the strongest mold-killing bathroom spray they had.

I went home, used the spray, and hosed everything off. I put a box fan at the entrance to the bathroom. I opened all the windows of the house. And I hoped for the best.

Not the real problem

Over the coming days, I watched the bathtub like a hawk. The mold didn’t return. And yet, I still had headaches — and I could still smell the mold whenever I passed near the bathroom. The reason for this is the mycotoxins that molds release.

“Mycotoxins can stick around long after you’ve gotten rid of the mold itself…”

You see, it’s not really mold itself you have to fear — it’s the tiny mold toxins that do the real damage. And the thing is, mycotoxins can stick around long after you’ve gotten rid of the mold itself. They bind to dust particles and float around your house, until one day you breathe them in and — BAM.

The rotting chicken cure

I was starting to go crazy. I thought I smelled mold throughout my home. My symptoms seemed to be getting worse — my head constantly hurt, and I slept badly.

I was talking about this to my friend Tammy. And casually, she said, “You just need to deodorize your bathroom.”

“I didn’t want to cover up the smell of mold with fragrances…”

“That’s the last thing I need,” I told Tammy. I didn’t want to cover up the smell of mold with fragrances so I couldn’t tell it’s there. I needed to get rid of the mold toxins, permanently.

Tammy just smiled at me. “Honey, that’s exactly what I had in mind,” she said. And she told me about something she called her “rotting chicken cure.”

How Tammy saved her car

One day, Tammy bought two pounds of chicken breast. She forgot them in her car. And then, she went for a week-long trip.

When she came back, the car honestly smelled like death. Of course, she had it deep-cleaned and scrubbed, and yet the smell was still there. Perfumes and fragrances just mixed with the rotting chicken odor and made the situation even worse. Tammy thought she had ruined her brand new Audi for good.

“When she came back, the car honestly smelled like death…”

At her wits’ end, Tammy finally tried one last thing: a bag of activated bamboo charcoal. Actually, it wasn’t just one bag she used. She threw four of them into her car. 

They naturally soak up odors, bacteria, and mold toxins


After one day, the dead chicken smell was significantly reduced. With each passing day the situation got better. And within one week, the disgusting rotten meat smell in Tammy’s car was completely gone. Which made me wonder, what’s the secret behind this magic?

Works like a mousetrap

Activated bamboo charcoal is the same stuff they use in high grade water-treatment facilities. Basically, it’s like a mousetrap for very small particles that are floating around in the air.

“The same stuff they use in high grade water-treatment facilities…”

It’s made up of pure carbon with billions of little holes in it, like a microscopic Swiss cheese. As air passes through these little holes, the odor molecules, dust particles, and mold toxins get trapped inside. It sounded promising enough and I had nothing to lose. So I decided to take Tammy’s advice and try it out for myself.

My initial results

I got three bags of Bamboo Fresh activated charcoal. I put two in my bathroom, and one in the hallway outside.

Of course, at first I didn’t notice anything. The bags themselves don’t have any aroma, and it takes time for the air to pass through them so they can do their magic. I waited anxiously hoping that this would actually work.

They removed the moldy smell from my bathroom — when nothing else worked

They removed the moldy smell from my bathroom — when nothing else worked


Within a couple of hours, the mold smell gradually seemed to decrease. By the end of the day, I thought I couldn’t smell the mold anymore. I was getting excited and hopeful, but the main test was still incomplete.

What about the mold-caused headaches?

Ever since I’d had mold in my home, I experienced dull, constant headaches, which I normally never get. And even when I got rid of the mold, the headaches stayed, because the mold toxins stayed. So did the activated charcoal bags fix this?

“When I woke up the next day, my constant headache was gone…”

I believe they did. Like I said, the activated charcoal bags eliminated the moldy smell very quickly, even when airing out the bathroom didn’t help. But more importantly, when I woke up the next day, my constant headache was gone. The sinus congestion I was feeling was gone also. Over the coming days, it never came back and I got back to normal. Of course, I was super relieved. But I was also wondering, was it all just a coincidence?

3 odor tests

Tammy had already told me how well these Bamboo Fresh bags worked to deodorize her car. I wanted to see if they would do the same around my home, or if the mold situation was just a coincidence. So I did a little home experiment in three locations:

  1. My son’s walk-in closet: With my teenage son’s very generous permission, I put one Bamboo Fresh bag into his closet. This closet always has a musty and musky smell. Within hours, the bag soaked up the odors and the closet cleared up beautifully. Grade: A+.
  2. Litter box corner: Our 13-year-old cat has her own special litter box corner. Even though we clean it regularly, the area sometimes still has an unpleasant cat-pee odor about it. The Bamboo Fresh bags significantly reduced this odor, but didn’t get rid of it completely. Grade B+.
  3. Inside shoes: There’s a smaller size of Bamboo Fresh bags that fit inside shoes. I put a set in husband’s well-used sneakers. Over the course of several days, the sweaty, worn-shoe aroma magically disappeared. Grade: A++. 

I’ve found a million uses for them around the house

Good for 2 years

Knowing how well these Bamboo Fresh bags work, I would recommend them even if they were only meant for one-time use. But here’s the kicker. You can keep using each bag for up to two years — as long as you know one little “trick” to reset them.

Every month or so, you have to put the bags out into the sun for an hour. UV rays clean and reset the bag, and release all the stored odor particles inside. And in case you’re wondering, you don’t need bright sunlight for this to work. UV rays are still there even on cloudy, wintry, overcast days.

By the way, it’s important to do this outside. That’s because you don’t want the mold toxins and spores being released inside your house once again. Which brings me to my final point.

Don’t fool around with mold

If you have mold in your home — or you suspect you do — then I advise you to do two things right away:

  1. Get rid of the mold using the strongest cleaning product you can find
  2. Get a set of Bamboo Fresh bags to soak up and remove any mold toxins that are still floating around your house

Once you get rid of the mold, odds are you’ll find a hundred other uses for these bags around your home. They’ll remove everything from dust to bacteria to nasty odors. I highly recommend these Bamboo Fresh bags, and I’m super glad I found them.

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Start Eliminating Odor and Bacteria Now

Now that you’ve been informed about these groundbreaking air purifiers, let me show you how easy it is to use them. All you need to do is to follow these 3 steps:

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  • Step 2: Upon receiving your charcoal bags, place them around your home and car, anywhere where you have a problem with odor or bacteria.
  • Step 3: Wait a day and notice the improvement in smell and air of your home!

Here’s a tip: Know someone who suffers from bad odors and allergies? These charcoal bags make the perfect gift and will save whoever receives them lots of money, pain and time.

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